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Contact Aaron Borja  Aaron Borja (562) 425-7461 ex: 2232 Counselor
Contact Pilar Perossio  Pilar Perossio Principal
Contact Jamal Richardson  Jamal Richardson Assistant Principal
Office and Support Staff
Contact Teresa Blais  Teresa Blais Staff
Contact Ellen Fabiano  Ellen Fabiano Speech
Contact Diego Giron  Diego Giron Staff
Contact Robyn Justus  Robyn Justus Librarian
Contact Damaris Padilla  Damaris Padilla Office Manager
Contact Mr. Allen  Mr. Allen (562) 425-7461 ex: 2209 Music
Contact Ms. Butler  Ms. Butler (562) 425-7461 Teacher
Contact Ms. Carr  Ms. Carr (562) 425-7461 Art
Contact Andrea Carrizo  Andrea Carrizo (562) 425-0844 Language Arts
Contact Ms. Chavez  Ms. Chavez (562) 425-7461 Teacher
Contact Ms. Crevelli  Ms. Crevelli (562) 425-7461 Math
Contact Ms. Estep  Ms. Estep (562) 425-7461 ex: 2905 Special Ed.
Contact Ms. Gallimore  Ms. Gallimore (562) 425-7461 Teacher
Contact Mr. Gee  Mr. Gee (562) 425-7461 ex: 2901 History
Contact Ameelia Ghareeb  Ameelia Ghareeb Teacher
Contact Mr. Grasmick  Mr. Grasmick PE
Contact Mrs. Hamilton  Mrs. Hamilton (562) 425-7461 ex: 2708 History Teacher
Contact Margaret Highland  Margaret Highland (562) 425-7461 ex: 2907 Science
Contact Mrs. Hun  Mrs. Hun Teacher
Contact Ms. Kim  Ms. Kim RSP
Contact Mr. Laut  Mr. Laut (562) 425-7461 ex: 2800 PE
Contact Mr. Lawrence  Mr. Lawrence PE
Contact HANNAH LOVEALL  HANNAH LOVEALL (562) 425-7461 Teacher
Contact Mr. Mahoney  Mr. Mahoney (562) 425-7461 ex: 2706 History/Language Arts
Contact Mr. McCarthy  Mr. McCarthy (562) 425-7461 Science
Contact Ms. McClure  Ms. McClure (562) 425-7461 ex: 2501 Technology Department Chair
Contact Mrs. McGhee  Mrs. McGhee (562) 425-7461 ex: 2904 Special Ed.
Contact Mr. Mendis  Mr. Mendis (562) 425-7461 ex: 2303 Science
Contact Kari Milton  Kari Milton (562) 425-7461 ex: 2502 Technology
Contact Bunthary Mok  Bunthary Mok Teacher
Contact Ms. Nakama  Ms. Nakama (562) 425-7461 ex: 2405 RSP
Contact Mrs. Njoroge  Mrs. Njoroge (562) 425-7461 ex: 2710 History
Contact Mrs. Parker  Mrs. Parker Teacher
Contact Mr. Pierce  Mr. Pierce (562) 425-7461 ex: 2305 History
Contact Mr. Rodriguez Leyva  Mr. Rodriguez Leyva ELA
Contact Mr. Shrewsberry  Mr. Shrewsberry SPED
Contact Mrs. Sonoqui  Mrs. Sonoqui (562) 425-7461 ex: 2903 Math
Contact Mark Stone  Mark Stone Teacher
Contact Ms. Whitesell  Ms. Whitesell (562) 425-7461 ex: 114 6th Grade ELA