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Bancroft Summit Students...

As a result of our rigorous program, will be prepared for success in accelerated high school programs focusing on college preparation. Student acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve advanced proficient and proficient scores on state tests, as will as the high academic performance expected by our district high schools' acclaimed Small Learning Communities. Our students work with their peers in a supportive, scholarly environment, utilizing technology and engaging scenarios to enhance their learning experience.

Our 6th grade Summit schedule includes the c
ore courses of Language Arts, Math, Earth Science, and Ancient World History. Summit student may take electives in Instrumental Music, Art or Computer Technology (ATM... All of our student follow a mainstream schedule in Physical Education and Advisory classes throughout Middle School.

In 7th grade, our Summit schedule includes three core courses: Language arts, Science, and Medieval World History. We group our Summit Math student by ability levels, offering Algebra 1-2 to our top scholars in mathematics. 7th grade, Summit student may take electives in Instrumental Music, Art Computer Technology (ATM), or our AVID elective.

8th grade Summit includes three core classes: Language Arts, Physical Science, and US History. In Math, our advanced students leap ahead in our celebrated 8th grade Geometry course.