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Language Arts
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6th Grade ELA

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Language Arts

Welcome to the Language Arts Department at Bancroft Middle School!

Language Arts 6-8

The English/Language Arts program is balanced and comprehensive. The language arts processes of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are taught in an integrated and inter-related manner. Course components include the study of rich and varied literary and informational text; writing in the genres of argumentative, informative/explanatory, narrative, and summaries of reading materials; and direct instruction in language arts skills and strategies. Students will work independently, as well as collaboratively, to learn how to understand what they read and evaluate an author’s assumptions and claims. Students will conduct research that will require the analysis of resources and accurate interpretation of literary and informational text. They will use technology and digital media strategically and capably to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening and language use.

Grammar Girl

Grammar... that one little word that sends children running and makes grown people blush. For those who could use a little extra help, there is Grammar Girl. Use the attached link to access this website. There are audio and visual files. Enjoy! Girl

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