Bancroft Middle School

PE Uniforms

PE Uniforms

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear

Dress Code

Bancroft Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Tops

Shirts and blouses must be:

•    Red, white, black or gray
•    With or without collars
•    Plaid, stripes or patterns allowed (school colors only)
•    Layered shirts allowed, all layers must have shoulder straps at least 3 fingers wide (school colors only)
•    Bancroft spirit shirt

Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters:

•    Red, white, black or gray
•    Worn over uniform shirt
•    Bancroft spirit wear
•    Denim jackets or vests in school colors or blue denim

•    College wear and local youth sports (t-shirts/sweatshirts) allowed on Fridays only


Shoes must be:
• closed toe
• enclosed heel

Not Allowed:
• Heels
• Sandals
• Slippers

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

• Writing, pictures or graphics
• Tank tops, spaghetti straps, strapless, off the shoulder, see-through or low cut
• Shirts that bare the back, or are cut out or low cut on the back
• Bare midriffs
• Pictures or graphics
• PE clothing
• Sport teams attire/ jerseys
• Oversized shirts
• Colors other than white, black, red, or gray (including layered shirts

• Writing, pictures or graphics
•Shirts may not be worn or used over uniform shirt in place of a jacket
• Cropped sweatshirts / tops
• Professional sports team attire or gear

• Colors other than white, black, red, or gray


Uniform Bottoms


Pants/shorts must be:
• Khaki, black, gray, blue denim ( jeans)
• Solid color
• Fit and worn at waist level
• Fit at crotch
• must be hemmed and properly sewn at all seams
• Appropriate length (fingertip rule)
• Bancroft colored tights/leggings must be worn under shorts or skirts

Skirts and jumpers must be:
• Khaki, black, gray, dark denim, (jeans)
• plaid or stripes allowed (must be white, red, and/or black)
• solid color
• appropriate length
• hemmed and properly sewn at all seams

Hats and Accessories

Hats/head coverings are not allowed without a doctor's note.

Not Allowed:
• Studs/chains
• Boys knee socks
• Bandanas
• Sunglasses
• Spiked earrings
• Hoop earrings larger than the size of a quarter(1 inch)

Not Allowed


• Fleece, nylon or mesh (i.e., basketball shorts)
• Frayed seams or edges / faded attire
• Pant legs touching the ground
• Pants that sag in crotch or ankles
• Tears,  holes or writing

• Leggings or tights as uniform bottoms
• Short shorts, short skirts, or short jumpers (mid-thigh/fingertip rule)
• PE shorts
• Sweat pants

  Uniform Assistance

In case of economic hardship, help in obtaining uniforms is available.

Please contact the school office at 425-7461

updated 4/2015

LBUSD Academic Dress Code


LBUSD Academic Dress Code

Dressing for Success

The academic dress code is to be followed daily by all students including free dress days and by students who are opted out of uniform..  Students that are not in compliance will be required to change.

I.   Shirts, Blouses, and Jackets

A.  No writing, pictures, or graphics.

B.   No tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriff blouses, off the shoulder or see-through blouses, or short shirts that expose the waist.        

C.   Shirts mus completely cover the back (no cut-outs or low cut on the back).

D.   Layered shirts must have shoulder straps at least 3 fingers wide.

E.  College wear and local youth sports (t-shirts/sweatshirts) may only be worn on Fridays.

F.  Professional sports team attire/gear is not allowed.

G. Jerseys are not allowed (this includes professional sports, college sports, and local sports).

H. Low cut blouses are not appropriate or allowed at achool.

II.     Pants and Shorts

A.  Must fit at the waist and be hemmed.

B.  May not be pajama bottoms, mesh shorts, nylon shorts or sweat pants

C. Must be properly sewn at all seams (may not be split at the sides to open over the shoe).

D.  May not sag, be too big or too tight, and must fit in crotch area.

E. May not be torn, have holes, have writing on them, or be extremely faded.

III. Skirts and Shorts

A.   Girls’ shorts / skirts must extend approximately to the mid thigh area.  The length must be

      sufficient (mid thigh/fingertip rule).  They must be hemmed, cannot have writing, or be


B. Girls may not wear leggings or tights by themselves as a uniform bottom. Leggings may only be worn under shorts and/or skirts and must be in school colors.

IV.    Footwear

A.  Must be appropriate for school activity.  Slippers are not allowed.

B.  Must have enclosed toes.

C.  May not have heels higher than 1 inch.

V.     Miscellaneous

A.  Belt tails must be tucked into pant belt loops so that they do not hang down.

B.    Suspenders are not allowed.

C.    Undergarments cannot show (boxers, underwear, sports bras, or other).

D.   No heavy chains may be worn.  Extended studs on clothing are not permissible.

E.    Tattoos must be covered at all times.

F.    Belt buckles with initials or with gang or drug symbols may not be worn.

G.   When hooded sweatshirts are worn, the hood must be down.  They may be worn up on rainy and/or extremely cold days when outside the buildings.

H.   A shirt is oversized if it is 2 or more sizes above what the student should be wearing.  Another rule of thumb is that the shirt should not hang below the mid thigh area.

I.      Boys knee socks are not allowed with long shorts (gang attire).

Hoop earrings may not be larger than the size of a quarter (1 inch) and spiked earrings are not allowed. Lip and nose rings are discouraged and for safety reasons must be removed during PE.