McClure, Ms.
Technology Department Chair
Milton, Ms.

Applied Technology Magnet


About ATM

The ATM program is one of the best computer programs in the district. The three-year program begins in 6th grade and continues every year through 8th grade. By the time students complete the program, they will have learned advanced technical skills and will have used professional software that will prepare them to enter more advanced programs in high school, college, and future careers.

Qualifications for ATM

Students Must Have:

  • A real interest in technology
  • Some experience on the computer (either at home or in elementary school)
  • Proficient test scores
  • Es and Ss in behavior
  • The ATM program has a limited number of spaces. Students are randomly selected from all those that indicate ATM as a first choice on their elective form until the program is filled.
  • Students must agree to a 3 year elective commitment.
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All About ATM at Bancroft

ATM Video

Computer Electives (Non-ATM)

Intro to Computers: Students will be able to identify computer hardware components and peripheral devices i.e. keyboard, mouse, printer, CD-ROM.  Students will develop beginning word-processing, spreadsheet, and database skills including the correct use of the keyboard. Desktop publishing techniques incorporating graphics and text in a document will be taught.  Appropriate technology skills will be utilized in order to conduct research to complete projects and prepare multimedia presentations.

Intermediate Computers: Skills learned in Introduction to Computers will be reinforced and the next level of skills will be introduced including database skills and the development of spreadsheets. Students will continue to practice word-processing skills through the semester and will improve their speed and accuracy. Students will use appropriate terminology related to hardware and software throughout the semester. They will continue to deal with legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life. This course will prepare students for the advanced level of technology in middle school.

Advanced Computers: Students will create their own web page, which will showcase their proficiencies. Students will use appropriate technology skills to conduct research and complete core curriculum projects, e.g. historical research, scientific and math investigations, and language arts writing projects. Emphasis on desktop publishing will provide additional opportunities for students to demonstrate application of skills previously learned. Legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life will continue to be reinforced.