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The Bruin Mindset

By Jimmy Jimmers Jr.

         Each day, from 3:45-5:30 PM, 10 boys went on a quest to be the best representatives for the Bancroft Basketball Program, and showed up ready to work. Going up and down the court, challenging each other to be the best they could be. Last year (2012-2013), the basketball team went 0-5, and for many students at the school, the 0-2 record to start the season indicated that the team was in for yet another winless season. However, that was not in the mind of the 10 boys that proudly represented our school.

         Many changes have been made since the end of last season to the start of this year’s season and throughout the first 2 games. Over the off-season, a new basketball coach was brought in to take over the program. After cut days, 16 kids were part of the basketball team. However, 4 were cut within a week, narrowing the roster down to 12 boys. Then the team was down to 10. Two kids left because of poor grades and playing time. It had been an up and down year and the team was trying to get everything set, with so little time.

         7th grader Josh C. was interviewed on January 30th about the team after 2 games. When asked who the leader on the team was, Josh responded by saying, “Jordan C. has been on this team every year.  He supports everyone on it.” Josh stated that for the game against Marshall, “the team needs to pass the ball better and set more screens.” When asked, “What would you do if 5 seconds were left on the clock in the championship game, and we were down by 1?” Josh said, “He would either want to prevail or go down in flames with Ethan P. taking the shot.”

         The team started the season out with a lot of hype and intensity. They came out strong against rival Hoover, even without key player Jadon J. 7th grader Ethan P. led the way with 15 points. The game was close throughout, and was tied 44-44 with 1:45 left after Ethan hit a 3-pointer. Hoover pulled away in the end and won 48-44. The next game against Hughes wasn’t close. The Bruins lost by 17 to the Hughes Owls, as Ethan led the way with 14 points, and Jadon with 12. Bancroft was demolished in the rebounding category heavily. Finally, the Bruins peaked. They dominated the Marshall Rams by 22. After winning a nail-biter against Lindbergh, they beat Hamilton as well.

        The Bancroft Boys Basketball Team became the first team in over 25 years to have a winning season. They started out the season 0-2 with losses to Hoover and Hughes, but finished the season on a 3 game winning streak, beating Marshall by 22, Lindbergh by 2, and Hamilton by 6. These boys will always have, “The Bruin Mindset.”

Bruin Buzz

Welcome to the Bruin Buzz!

The Life of a Football Player

By Alysa C.

     Thirteen year old Santino Venegas has a passion for football. He likes it because he gets to be himself and he loves the feeling of scoring a touchdown. Santino has been playing football for eight years now and wouldn’t want to do anything else. He even plays football in his spare time. He practices every chance he gets and is one hundred percent committed to it.

    The positions Santino plays are running back, cornerback, quarterback and slot. Santino enjoys watching games and going to them.  Santino’s favorite football player is Richard Sherman, but he looks up to Cam Newton the most.  Cam Newton inspires him to do his best every day when he plays football.

    Quitting never crosses Santino’s mind. He hopes all of his hard work and dedication pays off and gets him into the college of his dreams, the University of Oregon, so he can play for the Oregon Ducks. Eventually he hopes he’s picked up by an NFL team. Santino says he would like to coach football one day. His advice for beginners is to keep working at it and never give up.

Hoover’s Lucky Shot by Rachel G.

     On Wednesday January 22nd, Bancroft took a disappointing loss 44-48, against Hoover Middle School. Bancroft’s efforts did not go unnoticed because they came out with the mind of a winner.  Before the game our Bruins had lots of practice on the court.  They practiced free throws, lay-ups, and dribbled up and down the half court line.  “We were all nervous before the game,” stated Ethan Piechota (#9). 

     The 1st quarter of the game the score was 13-14 with Hoover leading. The roar of the crowd was exquisite! #9 (Ethan P.) from Bancroft gave it his all. He was on offense and gave great defense, and this was followed by a lay-up. The game was tied 40-40 by 4th quarter. The tension and excitement from the stands was thick!  

     During the last time out our Bruins huddled up with the coach going over the game once more. Finally the game resumed, and we went in with confidence.  With the score still tied 40-40, Hoover broke the tie by gaining a point, but Bruins #34 Tyller Boykins wouldn’t go for it.  He gave good defense, and gained control of the ball making a clean shot to the basket. The game got intense!  With only 10 seconds on the clock, Hoover stole the ball making the last winning shot.  “I was disappointed because we had a lot of opportunities to get points, like free throws,’’ expressed Ethan P. 

     Though Bancroft lost the game, the fans were still full of school spirit and enthusiasm, making me proud to be part of the Bancroft family. 


She Peed Her Pants at School! 


Stephanie C.

Cindy C. 

Zoey S.​

Rylee T.

     Ms. Ribeiro has had an up and down life filled with laughs, tears, and screams. This energetic, Brazilian, family-loving educator became a teacher while she was just in her late 20’s. After her father’s passing, she needed a job with insurance so she began her teaching career.  Ms. Ribeiro loves her family and being able to spend time with them. She even told us that if she could only bring three things on a stranded island she would bring her husband, child, and her favorite book. Even with all the obstacles she faced, which included having scissors thrown across the classroom in only her second year of teaching, she has been able to show perseverance.

     However, the childhood that led Ms. Ribeiro to be the inquisitive person that she is today would not be what you expected. From a young age Ms. Ribeiro already knew that she wanted to be a teacher because she used to play “school” with her younger sister.  They would take turns being either the teacher or the student. Ms. Ribeiro told us that when she was in elementary school there was only one bathroom, and it was always packed at recess so she peed in her pants during class and blamed it on a leaky pipe! Even as a child she loved her family very much; she explained to us how her two biggest inspirations in life are her mother and her father, because they were brave enough to immigrate from Brazil to America. Ms. Ribeiro has always been very interested in gaining new knowledge and is prepared to share that with her students. Anyone who has the opportunity to be one of Ms. Ribeiro’s students can easily see how hard Ms. Ribeiro strives to give her students the gift of an education.  


Career Day

By: Stephanie C., Cindy C., & Kim G.

        From military officers, to celebrity stylists, to environmental lawyers, Bancroft saw it all on March 7th 2014! It was Career Day and many people with very interesting jobs were kind enough to take time from their busy schedule to come and show the students at Bancroft Middle School what it’s like to do what they do. There were well over 50 visitors with many different jobs. The variety ranged from nurses, to website designers, to fire fighters, to even TSA agents that brought along their dog. It was definitely a fun filled day for everyone at Bancroft.

        The preparation and education needed in order to pursue the career of one’s choice may be long, but in the end it pays off. For Police Chief Paul LeBaron and Detective Leticia Carranza, the endeavor to the top has been challenging and demanding. They had to go through excessive physical training, but in law enforcement it’s as much about your mind as your physical strength. While many believe that being a police officer is just about being physically strong, it is also about being mentally capable of handling the task given. A candidate has to go through an evaluation assessment that determines if the candidate is ready to be a police officer.  While they do want to make sure their new recruits are in good shape, they also need to make sure they are mentally prepared to overcome any obstacle they may face.

        Mrs. Wadiya is an accountant at Arrowhead. She makes sure that Arrowhead always has enough money in the bank. Mrs. Wadiya explained her job by making an equation. In this equation (making money – spending money should = having money left over), she stressed how she always makes sure the company is ahead financially. She played some games and then gave away coupons for a 24-waterbottle case for free to anyone that participated in her presentation.

         A highly interesting speaker that joined us at Bancroft was Monique Lauren, a celebrity stylist. Ms. Lauren gave a very empowering speech about how important it is to follow your dreams. She told all of us how she’s been able to work with people like Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, and on the set of the movie, “The Help”.  Ms. Lauren told us about how important it is to have a dream and then pursue it and that no matter what someone tells you, you should always do what feels right to you and live your dream. She went on to explain how every one of the celebrities that she’s worked with are the same as you and I. She encourages us to feel beautiful in our own skin because all the celebrities that we see don’t actually look like that until they get help from their stylists, and even then many things get photo shopped and computerized to look the way that they do. No one walked out of the room that day that didn’t feel inspired by Monique Lauren.

Celebrity Stylist Monique Lauren

Celebrity Stylist Monique Lauren

Police Chief Paul LeBaron and Detective Leticia Carranza

Police Chief Paul LeBaron and Detective Leticia Carranza

Kelsie Does it All


Stephanie C.

Aaryanna Y.

Michelle N.

         From soccer, to track, to basketball, to volleyball, Kelsie Bonilla really does do it all. Right now Kelsie is in her season of track preparing for their meet on Saturday. Kelsie has been participating in track and field at Bancroft since she came to the school. “Running gives me a rush, especially when I do very well.” says Bancroft’s very own track star. Kelsie gives the glory to Coach Pye and Coach Sarah for, as she says,  “making everyone feel like they need to do their best.”

            But Kelsie isn’t all work and no play.  She says that without the sports that she participates in she probably wouldn’t have all the friends that she has today. She always has time for some fun with her friends or family. Once when thinking she was walking up to her friend who was turned around, she hit him on the back later to see that it was someone she didn’t even know!  Kelsie spends a lot of time with her family, as they play a huge part in her life by being her inspiration for running. She’s gone to Oregon, Arizona, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, Idaho, and Utah all with her family! But Kelsie doesn’t stop with sports or family time she also participates in CJSF, honor band, honor orchestra, and in a special group for her church. Kelsie has a lot on her plate, but continues to be a great example for all students of Bancroft Middle School.

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Ms. Ribeiro shows the textbook she uses to educate her students.