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Online Math Support for Grades 6-12 Click Here.


It is very important to learn to use the computer keyboard correctly. At Bancroft, students are setting out to learn to type quickly and accurately without looking at their fingers. Even students that don't take computer classes can learn this at home! There are many free keyboarding websites and games. The important thing is that you learn where to put your fingers and follow the directions on the websites.

Typing Web: Create a free account and learn to type from the beginning.

Typing Tutor

Free Typing Games: Keep your fingers in the home row when you play games!

Typing Games 2

Typing Games 3

Typing Games 4

Nitro Type: Competitive Keyboarding for the advanced typist. Be sure to type correctly!

Yearbook Pictures Needed!

The Yearbook Club needs pictures throughout the year from any Bancroft events such fieldtrips, assemblies, spirit days, Halloween day, concerts, sporting events.


Any parent or student can upload pictures that may be used in the yearbook! If you happen to be volunteering at Bancroft, bring your camera and snap some candid shots of the day to day routine from our bustling school.

Uploading pictures from any event you attend is so easy!


Go to: and then enter the school code: “bancroft15”

Upon request, instructions for a mobile app for iphone and android can be sent to you. Just email Virginie King at

Homework House

Beginning Monday, September 22nd the library will be open:

  • Before school from 7:45 to 8:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • After school from 3:45 to 4:45 Monday through Thursday.  

Come to the library to get help from a teacher or use the computers to check School Loop or work on projects.  All students are welcome! 

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Today: 1/26/15

Anonymous Bully Hotline

Email BRUNO BRUIN in School Loop if you are being bullied. (Go to Loop Mail and enter Bruno Bruin in the "to" line)

If you know of a situation that should be reported to the school, but you don't want to be identified, this is the perfect way to help! Keep our school safe for all students.