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Yearbook Sale

Purchase a yearbook and/or a "SHOUT OUT" ad. Anyone can purchase a yearbook or "SHOUT OUT."


Yearbooks are $35.00 and SHOUT OUTS range in price from $10.00 to $50.00.


A "SHOUT OUT" is a personal ad which can be used to congratulate your student's success in school, praise a student, or congratulate a student who is promoting. Students can give "SHOUT OUTS" to each other. Even teachers can buy "SHOUT OUTS" to students. You can even add a picture to some "SHOUT OUTS". Baby picture "SHOUT OUTS" are fun! Your student does not need to be an 8th grader for you to give them a "SHOUT OUT."



Technology at Bancroft

What is ATM (Applied Technology Magnet)?

If you are applying to Bancroft for the upcoming school year, one of your elective choices will be our Technology Magnet (ATM). Click here for a detailed description of the 3 year ATM program and how it is different from regular elective computers and other elective choices (art and music).

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Jeopardy Champions!

Box Top$ for Education Contest

Box Tops are due by Wednesday, February 22nd. When you have (10) Box Tops, turn them in to the black box in the office with a slip to identify your child’s name and room number. Please be sure to write last names as well as first names. Each set of Box Tops turned in enters your child into a drawing to receive a $15 Starbucks gift card. The student who turns in the most Box Tops by the deadline will earn a $25 gift card Target. Only Box Tops turned in by Wednesday, February 22nd are eligible for the contest. Remember, each student entry must include a slip and (10) Box Tops. 



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